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Minviendha's Fic Journal
Fic journal for minviendha, to spare my poor flist. Read, enjoy, drop me a line with any questions and/or objections and/or shameless flattery. :D

FANDOMS I HAVE WRITTEN FOR: Avatar: the Last Airbender · Angel · Black Jewels Trilogy · Buffy the Vampire Slayer · Code Geass · Death Note · Dexter · Doctor Who · Caliban Leandros Series · Farseer and Tawny Man trilogies · Gentlemen Bastard Sequence · Good Omens · Kingkiller Chronicle · The Silmarillion · A Song of Ice and Fire · Supernatural · Temeraire · The Wheel of Time · White Collar · other misc. fandoms.

Other notes: I write a lot of hurt/comfort, I don't usually rate my fics, and I'm pretty terrible at warning for language. I will always warn for rape, torture, character death, suicide, and other major things, but sometimes fall down on warning for other stuff. It's a work in progress.

Please ask if you would like to translate something of mine into another language; I'll be happy to agree provided my name and a link back is attached, but I do like to be asked.