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[Silmarillion]: Your Homeless Souls

Title: Your Homeless Souls
Fandom: Silmarillion
Summary: The last two survivors of the House of Finwë meet briefly just outside Lothlorien.
Notes: Subtitled: "all the lonely Noldor: where do they all belong." Or "Maglor angsts at everyone ever." But! I wanted to write something with Maglor and someone from the Third Age and well. He already knew Galadriel, right? So this happened. And that is all my excuses. For the moment.

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[The Avengers]: With Your Crooked Heart

Title: With Your Crooked Heart
Fandom: The Avengers
Summary: Post-Avengers. Rest never came easily to Loki. Asking for help has only gotten harder.
Notes: My first hc_bingo fic!!!! And will get around to...posting this over there eventually. Title from the Auden poem "As I Walked Out One Evening"; the full lines are: You shall love your crooked neighbour/With your crooked heart. (Also this fic is, interestingly enough, full of private headcanon about anxiety disorder!Loki. So that happened. No one: was surprised.)

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[The Avengers]: There May Be Better Brothers (But You're the Only One That's Mine)

Title: There May Be Better Brothers (But You're the Only One That's Mine)
Fandom: The Avengers
Summary: Loki believed that at its most simplistic, there were two choices in any given situation: the smart choice, and the Thor choice. Very seldom did the two overlap. Very, very seldom. Or: Thor gets himself into trouble. Loki gets him out of it. This is embarrassing.
Notes: So there were prompts floating around places for "overprotective Loki and hurt!Thor" and clearly I could not say no. Also after writing "Curtain Call" I felt like I needed to write something with at least traces of humor. Or snark, anyway. Because Loki doing something almost nice but remaining perfectly nasty is a thing for me, apparently. I am not sorry? (Probably.) A sincere apology to the people who are here for Supernatural! It'll be back eventually. Probably. I think.

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[The Avengers]: Missing

Title: Missing
Fandom: The Avengers
Summary: Thor's trying to cope with Loki being floors away, and still so much further than that.
Notes: In the same universe as "Morning After" and "We'll Always Have Paris", but you don't really need to read those for this one. This fic is set in an AU where Steve and Loki were talking for a while in various degrees of awful and less-awful, Loki escaped Asgard post-movie and eventually turned up looking for asylum from the Chitauri with the Avengers. He is currently living in a suite in Avengers tower where he gets walkies every week and messes with Clint. And does not talk to Thor. At all.

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[The Avengers]: into something rich and strange.

Title: into something rich and strange
Fandom: The Avengers
Summary: Change will come when the pain of staying the same is worse than the pain of change, or so goes the saying. Sometimes that takes a lot of pain.
Notes: This started as a disgustingly self-indulgent notion that wormed its way into my head. And then I started writing it. And then I kept writing it. And then it was longer than anything I had done in a long while, and turned into an exercise in hating myself a little bit, and...yeah. But there are things I like about it too! And it might turn into a verse! Possibly! Except that other people have already done it and done it better, but, you know. When has that ever stopped me. /excessive disclaimers

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AU, Misc., Crossovers

Misc. Fanfiction

Crowley's Baby:  Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV
Aziraphale finds an unexpected visitor in Crowley's bathtub. Crowley seems rather attached.
Good Omens. PG.

Stupid Lamb
"In part, it was that something that drew her back to him."
Twilight Saga. James/Bella. PG-13.

The Fifth Day of Christmas
Just a little bit of lolt3 silliness over the holidays, re: decorating.
Singin' In the Rain. PG.

Singing In the Shower, the Bedroom, and Everywhere Else
Singin' In the Rain. Lolt3. PG-13.

"Don't you ever get bored?" "No." "I can help you with that..."
Sandman. Dream/Desire. PG.

Story Time
A man has a brush with the Endless and tells his granddaughter about it.
Sandman. PG.

Bast has a certain fondness for a feature of his Reshi's.
Kingkiller Chronicle. Bast/Kvothe. PG. Drabble.

Considering Weaselpants
Kingkiller Chronicle. Bast/Kvothe.

The woman finds things. The man names them. That's the way it has been. But not how it will be.
The Bible. Lilith/Eve. R.

The Mating Game
Firekeeper thinks Derian needs a mate.
The Firekeeper Saga. Firekeeper, Derian. PG. Humor.

Milo's Tollbooth
Milo returns.
The Phantom Tollbooth. Milo, Tock, Rhyme and Reason. G.

Cassandra sees.
Greek Mythology. Cassandra. PG-13.

Pain and Wrath Are the Singers
Everything is so still.
X-Men: First Class. Erik. Post-movie AU. Deathfic.

AU (DFverse)

Lucivar gets a chance to babysit.
Lucivar, Aiden. G.

Bast/Kvothe. G.

Hedda/Melisande. PG.

Karla has some good news.
Armand/Karla. PG.

Lucivar Yaslana/Anita Blake. PG.

A Year With the Boys
Armand/Chris/Karla. PG.

Midnight Wanderings
Felix Harrowgate/Alan Campbell.


Fire and Blood
When she comes upon a strange, half-mad man in the middle of the desert, Daenerys finds herself intrigued by both his mystery and his anger.
A Song of Ice and Fire/Silmarillion. Maeglin/Daenerys. PG-13.

Rhaegar meets a stranger on the hills by Summerhall. He may be sorrowful, but he has much to learn.
A Song of Ice and Fire/Silmarillion. Maglor, Rhaegar Targaryen. PG.

Tourney of Two Worlds
Elves and Starks (mostly) clash. Arya features largely, also sons of Feanor, two excessively brave elf kings, and a very frustrated patriarch.
A Song of Ice and Fire/Silmarillion. PG.

Enemy Mine
Curufin vs. Petyr Baelish. Sparks fly. Quietly, and under the surface. Curufin is disdainful, and Petyr is playing a dangerous game. Like always.
A Song of Ice and Fire/Silmarillion. Petyr Baelish, Curufin. PG.

Notes From the Journal of N. Stark
HP Lovecraft/A Song of Ice and Fire. PG.

Mr. Perfect and the Dead Young Wolf
Galad and Robb meet. There is tea.
A Song of Ice and Fire/Wheel of Time. Robb Stark, Galad Damodred. PG.

The Nameless Horror, Or Shit Like That
In which Cal and Niko encounter eldritch horrors from beyond. Sort of. Cal is exasperated.
HP Lovecraft/Caliban Leandros.

Distinguished Host
Caliban Leandros/Dracula. Niko/Promise. PG.

Stark Trek: Winter Is Coming
Space. The Final Frontier. And the USS Winter is coming.
Star Trek/A Song of Ice and Fire. PG.

Pride Goeth
Dexter is Captain Ahab.
Dexter/Death Note. PG.

Celegorm finds a Pikachu. Madness ensues.
Silmarillion/Pokemon. G.

This Title is Irrelevant
Cthulhu/Morgoth. G.

the wind walks through them
Vulcan was just another planet he couldn't save.
Star Trek/Doctor Who. G.

Fire, Blood, and Weekly Breakups
Maeglin/Viserys. If you're still here: modern day AU. Still here? It's a trainwreck of a relationship. Their respective sisters suspect that's why they like it.
Silmarillion/A Song of Ice and Fire. PG.
avengers: loki bb

[The Avengers]: Curtain Call

Title: Curtain Call
Fandom: The Avengers
Summary: They were not children, and as he threw aside the last block of shattered concrete between himself and his brother, Thor knew that even with a hand to pull him up, Loki was not going to rise.
Notes: the summary ought to serve as a warning, but in case it didn't? The tags from AO3 for this one include "someday maybe I will write something happy and like with resolution or something" and "but not today!" So you know. And on tumblr: I kill all the things I love. Because I do. Frequently.

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[The Avengers]: the son and the beast

Title: the son and the beast
Fandom: The Avengers
Summary: They indulge you like a child, or a misbehaving dog, said the snide voice in the back of his mind. A runaway cur dragged home to its masters. That is what they see in you. They see you for what you are.
Notes: Follows lose my idols to find my voice, sort of, but can be read as a stand alone. Just me mucking around in post-movie Loki's head a bit more. Because it's a fun place to muck around. No, really. Also, said it before, will say it again: Frigga is the fiercest bitch.

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[The Avengers]: And None Who Go Can Come Back Again

Title: And None Who Go Can Come Back Again
Fandom: The Avengers
Summary: He used to think that there was only death in the void. Turns out that wasn't quite true. Loki, post-Thor and pre-Avengers.
Notes: Again, I turn to the tags on the fic itself on AO3: "gratuitous whump is my other favorite genre" and "writing my headcanon into fic" in particular. This was born out of those things where I talk to someone about headcanon and they go, "Lise, you should write fic of that." So then I did. And this already exists all over the place in multiple iterations, but I was sick of staring at this one and wanted to do something with it other than poke uselessly at minor details. Also: still have no idea what I'm doing! Just for the record.

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avengers: loki bb

[The Avengers]: Morning After

Title: Morning After
Fandom: The Avengers
Summary: It was just dinner. Really. (Follows We'll Always Have Paris in RPverse continuity. Which is apparently a thing now.)
Notes: This will probably not make much sense if you don't read the one before this (linked above) and accompanying notes, but if you really don't want to, then the important things to know: this is fic for an AU in which Loki has ended up a guest/prisoner and spends an unwholesome amount of time with Steve because reasons. And then they went to dinner. In Paris. (Of course it wasn't going to stay a secret.)

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